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Wills and Estate Planning in Preston

All of us should consider making a Will to make sure that when we die our estate passes to family members and others who we would wish to benefit and not under the Intestacy Laws (which apply when there is no Will), that can produce a very different and, sometimes, unwelcome result. Couples often assume that their estate will pass to each other on death, without the need for a Will. This is not necessarily the case and a Will should always be made to avoid unforeseen and unwelcome situations.

There are certain events in our lives where it is particularly important to make a Will that reflects those changed circumstances. For instance, when you get married any Will that you may previously have made will, usually, be automatically revoked. In the event of a divorce or separation there is always a need to consider the changed circumstances and when people form new partnerships or remarry there is often a careful balancing act to perform between "old" and "new" families. Unmarried couples living together as partners should certainly consider writing a Will to ensure that their partner is protected in the event of their death. Consideration can be given to the possible appointment of Guardians for minor children. Making a Will provides you with the opportunity to appoint Executors.

A family member, friend or adviser that you have decided to entrust with the important task of making sure that your wishes are carried out in accordance with your Will. We are happy to advise on all aspects of these important matters.

It is sometimes appropriate for clients to appoint members of the firm as an Executor. Quite often the ideal combination is for there to be two Executors - a professional Executor and a member of the family or a friend. We can discuss your particular wishes and requirements with you.

Many people are frightened by the prospect of making a Will, somehow thinking that it tempts fate! You will be pleased to know that we have thousands of Wills in our strong room, many of them made decades ago by clients who are still very much alive!