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Matrimonial Solicitors

Here at Gowlings we recognise that the breakdown of a marriage, civil partnership or other personal relationship is likely to be a difficult, stressful and potentially expensive time for everyone involved and as solicitors it is our job to work with you to keep that stress and expense to a minimum. When a marriage or a long term relationship breaks down it is a time for taking friendly and sympathetic advice that is both objective and professional and recognises that no two situations and no two people are the same.

Every client is an individual with their own worries and concerns. All too often we see situations where delaying taking legal advice and relying on perhaps well meaning guidance from friends and other family members has lead to situations becoming more, not less, difficult. A lot of people believe that consulting a solicitor is somehow an aggressive step and leads to matters becoming worse, not better. That should never be the case. Our aim is to learn about your particular circumstances, problems and concerns and to help you to move towards a practical and fair solution whilst at the same time preserving as much of the family finances as possible within the family and not being spent on lawyers' fees.

Everyone's situation is unique, but some of the more typical questions we can help you with include:-

  • I want a divorce. Do I have grounds?
  • What is likely to happen to the house?
  • Will I have to pay maintenance?
  • Am I entitled to a share of the pension fund?
  • How do we decide about contact arrangements for the children?
  • Can my partner claim an interest in my house?

If you think we may be able to help you to reach a personal solution to your own individual situation then please contact our Family Law Department to arrange a preliminary discussion at our offices in the centre of Preston.

  • Divorce
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Financial and property matters
  • Children (not including care proceedings)
  • Cohabitation
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Change of name

Richard Haddleton is a member of Resolution (The Solicitors' Family Law Association).
We do not offer publicly funded ("Legal Aid") services.